We celebrate the Jewish holidays with the whole community and guests together, as one family and in a special atmosphere.
We have room for everyone. Our hall holds up to 200 people.

Rosh Hashanah – prayers, including seder tashlich, Ssofar, and holiday meals.
Yom Kippur – a break meal, prayers, light meal at the end of the fast.
Sukkot – a large sukkah (over 60 seats) in our balcony, where all the holiday meals are held.
Simchat Torah – laps and dancing with Torah scrolls, with an open drinks bar.
Hanukkah – distribution of menukahs and candles to every Jewish home in HK, Hanukkah party, lighting candles in central centers in HK.
Tu B’shvat – a community party with a refreshing Tu B’shvat seder.
Purim – Megillah reading and meal deliveries, a special party for children.
Passover – a central Seder night for the members of the community and its guests. Sending a Seder kit to those celebrating at home.
To register for Seder night, click here.
LJ B’Omer – a celebration in honor of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, with a big bonfire and huge joy.
Shavuot – reading the Ten Commandments and a celebratory meal with milk.